Memorial Niche Projects

Why choose HonorLife Niche Engraving instead of local monument shops?

Currently all Niche faces installed have been sand blasted by local Monument shops with the same size lettering being used on Headstones, Markers and upright Monuments.  The 12”x12” niche faces are too small for monument size lettering, allowing only enough space for just names and birth/death dates.  Any extra design or written sentiment on niches is not possible with current monument shop sandblasting techniques.

Below you can see what one local family did to add a special sentiment.

After Cathy’s family saw the finished work of their monument shop, they were left wanting more.  Then one day they found a rock with a perfect engraved verse and placed it below her niche.  The cemetery was kind enough to even let them bond it to the sidewalk, so it wouldn’t get stolen.

For over 30 years HonorLife has provided a better way for families to share their love on memorials, pictured below (R) is the same size niche face that could have been engraved for Cathy with the same words found on that extra rock.   HonorLife Niche Engravers charge nothing extra for lettering or design elements you may select from their online catalog.

Local HonorLife Engravers are able to cut granite with precision and great detail producing outstanding high quality lettering and designs.

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Text Box: All niche lettering in both pictures currently done by local monument shops in the Salt Lake City area.